MEV Blocker

The best MEV protection under the sun

MEV Blocker is your personal protection from frontrunning and sandwich attacks for a broad spectrum of Ethereum transactions

How it works:
  1. Add the RPC endpoint directly to your wallet
  2. Enjoy full, automatic protection from all types of MEV
  3. Get paid by searchers for your transactions
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volume protected from MEV, across 20M+ transactions


ETH rebated to users


USD value of median rebate

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Broad spectrum MEV defense

MEV bots have extracted more than $1.38 billion from well-meaning Ethereum users across a variety of use cases (trading, providing liquidity, minting NFTs, etc). MEV Blocker is an RPC endpoint that supports these users by offering:

Protection from frontrunning and sandwich attacks on all types of transactions

Profit from any backrunning opportunities your transactions create

A fast, free, censorship-resistant solution open to all searchers and builders

Curious if you've been the victim of an MEV attack? Use MEV Scanner to find out

Get Protected

Add this RPC endpoint to your wallet to enjoy the full benefits of MEV Blocker.

Note: some wallets make you reselect MEV Blocker every time you change networks.

Click to add to your client

MEV Blocker (Ethereum Mainnet)

Add manually
Network nameMEV Blocker
Chain ID1
Currency symbolETH
Block Explorer URL

Having trouble? Check your wallet's documentation for instructions on how to update your RPC endpoint

Multiple endpoints for multiple protection types

Advanced MEV Blocker users can select from a variety of endpoints to suit their specific needs.

FrontrunningBackrunningTx Revert
/fast (default)ProtectedRefundNot protected
/fullprivacyMax protectionNo rebateProtected
/nochecksMax protectionNo rebateNot protected

To learn more about each of the endpoints MEV Blocker has to offer, read the MEV Blocker docs.

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MEV Blocker fixed my marriage!

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If I'd known about MEV Blocker sooner, I could've had a lambo by now

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I was tired of getting rekt, so I started using MEV Blocker

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Robots should work for me, not against me

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Nobody's stolen my lunch money since I started using MEV Blocker

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I used MEV Blocker and I instantly went up a tax bracket

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Don't let your users get burned by MEV

If you're a wallet, a solver, or any project that settles transactions on behalf of users, you should integrate MEV Blocker to protect them from MEV and earn some extra revenue.

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