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CoW DAO develops the most user-protective products in DeFi – so you can do more with less worry
CoW Protocol

Open-source, permissionless DEX aggregation protocol

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CoW Swap

The DEX that lets you do what you want

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The first MEV-capturing AMM

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MEV Blocker

The best MEV protection RPC under the sun

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CoW DAO is famous for pioneering technology at the forefront of intents, MEV protection, and more.
Whether you're a crypto beginner or an Ethereum OG, you can learn more about these important topics in the CoW DAO Knowledge Base.

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Anyone can join CoW DAO by holding COW tokens. Tokenholders contribute to CoW DAO's mission by participating in "CoWmunity" discussions on Discord, by adding proposals to the CoW DAO Forum, and by voting on governance actions in Snapshot.


The CoW DAO Grants Program funds mission-aligned projects and people working on MEV protection, trading innovation, and ecosystem development.

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