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About Metaverse Index (MVI) token

What is Metaverse Index (MVI)?

Moo-ve over traditional finance, here comes Metaverse Index (MVI), a unique token designed to ride the digital wave! Capturing the rising trend of the virtual environment influencing entertainment, sports, and business, MVI is not just a token, it's a vibrant blend of real and virtual economies. Its primary function is based on the Ethereum blockchain, the digital behemoth famed for its robust and secure decentralized platform. In essence, MVI represents a basket of tokens that resonate with the shift towards a digitized existence, shaping the future one block at a time.

The Makeup of Metaverse Index (MVI)

But wait, how does MVI work? MVI, launched by Index Coop, uses a balanced equation that relies on the square root of market cap and liquidity weightings to determine the final index weights. This combo guarantees a fair representation of each token in the Metaverse Index. After all, liquidity is no small factor in the nascent world of decentralized finance. By including liquidity in the weightings, MVI ensures that on-chain rebalancing and portfolio allocation don't face any bumps on the blockchain road.

The formula that MVI follows is:

TW = 75%RMCW + 25%LW


  • TW – token weight in the $MVI
  • RMCW – square root of market cap weighted allocation
  • LW – liquidity weighted allocation

This equation represents the essence of MVI, combining the power of market cap and liquidity into one synergistic token.

Where can you swap or trade Metaverse Index (MVI)?

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