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About Honey (HNY) token

What is 1Hive (HONEY)?

Get your antennas ready, and let's buzz into the world of 1Hive! Mooooving onto the details, 1Hive is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that's all about creating a buzz in the crypto world through its digital currency, Honey (HONEY). This isn't your ordinary honey pot! It's a digital currency serving as the lifeblood of 1Hive's hive-like ecosystem. Honey holders aren't just passive onlookers; they're busy bees who stake on proposals using Conviction Voting to steer the direction of the honey flow, aka how issuance is distributed. All bees have a say in the hive's future, while the system keeps any queen bee from taking full control.

The Buzz about HONEY

HONEY isn't just a sweet treat; it's a mineable hybrid cryptocurrency, proof of the hard work from the hive. Buzzing with a current supply of 455,955, HONEY's value can fluctuate, just like honey in different seasons. But fear not, as each bee contributes to the overall value of the honey pot. By backing proposals that increase Honey's value, a positive feedback loop is created, encouraging sustainable growth. So, whether you're a worker bee or just interested in the buzz around HONEY, your contribution matters to the hive!

Where can you swap or trade 1Hive (HONEY)?

If you're looking to join the swarm and get your hands on some HONEY, look no further than CoW Swap! CoW Swap is a Meta DEX aggregator that integrates with various on-chain liquidity sources. It's the place to be for smooth, gasless orders settled peer-to-peer or via on-chain Automated Market Makers (AMMs). With the added benefit of MEV protection, CoW Swap ensures your transactions won't be arbitrarily manipulated by MEV bots. So why wait? Join the hive and start buzzing with 1Hive (HONEY) today!

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