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About Flux FRAX (FFRAX) token

What is Flux Finance Protocol (fFRAX)?

Just as a cow grazes freely on the pastures, the DeFi ecosystem allows innovative financial solutions to roam in a decentralized manner. Enter Flux Finance Protocol and its representative fToken, fFRAX. Flux's fTokens, including fFRAX, are like supercharged cows, offering more than meets the eye. These tokens are representations of balances supplied to the protocol. Based on the Compound V2's cTokens model, fTokens come with extra abilities, extending their reach to permissioned assets. What makes fFRAX unique, you ask? Well, when users deposit their FRAX into Flux Finance, fFRAX is minted, allowing the user's FRAX to be available to borrowers while simultaneously earning the FRAX supply rate.

In the realm of Flux Finance, fFRAX is akin to a cash cow, gaining value over time relative to the underlying FRAX. This means users can moo-ve more assets over time as interest is earned. But remember, just like how the quality of pasture impacts a cow's milk, the interest rate depends on the market's utilization, which is the proportion of deposited assets that have been borrowed. Flux Finance Protocol is a decentralized lending protocol supporting permissionless cryptoassets alongside permissioned tokens, offering a versatile solution in the DeFi pasture.

Born out of the creative barn of Ondo Finance, a reputable software development firm in DeFi, Flux Finance Protocol is now governed by the Ondo DAO. It's like the herd deciding the best grazing spots! The ONDO holders vote on upgrades to the code and alter its risk parameters. The protocol began its journey in February 2023, following a genesis vote that decided its supported assets and parameters.

Where can you swap or trade Flux Finance Protocol (fFRAX)?

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