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About CoW Protocol (COW) token

What is CoW Protocol (COW)?

Oh, hello there, Moo! Welcome to the green pastures of CoW land! Moo-ve over traditional DeFi, here comes the CoW Protocol (COW)! CoW Protocol is a trailblazing financial system on the blockchain, with the COW token at its heart. Holders of COW tokens are bestowed the privilege to govern and curate the infrastructure of the CoW Protocol ecosystem through the CoW DAO.

A Herd-Led Revolution

The CoW Protocol isn't just another project grazing in the DeFi field. It's a unique concept where trades don’t individually execute their swaps on-chain but rather delegate the execution of their trade to 3rd parties in charge of settling the most optimal result of the batch auction. Instead, users sign their swap intent and delegate the execution to solvers, who are akin to relayers in other protocols. These solvers compete to offer the best exchange rates, winning the right to settle trades by providing the most optimal deal. And here's where the magic happens: by bundling multiple trades together to create CoWs (Coincidence of Wants), solvers can moo-nimize on gas costs, AMM fees, and execution risk. This results in structurally better prices than on any existing DEX aggregator, a true pasture of profitability!

Grassroots Protection Against MEV

CoW Protocol is not just about ensuring smooth trades, it's also about protecting users from the wolves of the DeFi ecosystem. These wolves take the form of Maximal Extractable Value (MEV). MEV is the measure of profit a searcher or a block builder can make by manipulating transactions within the blocks they produce. With CoW Protocol, the farmer (you) can keep a keen eye on the wolves (MEV), making your crypto pasture safer and greener. And yes, in case you were wondering, the team behind CoW includes some seriously smart humans, much like our wise and respected herd leaders

Where can you swap or trade CoW Protocol (COW)?

Moo-ving your assets is easier than ever with CoW Swap, the trading interface built on top of the CoW Protocol. This Meta DEX aggregator allows you to buy and sell tokens in a way that is gasless, peer-to-peer, and provides MEV protection. So if you're ready to join the herd, gallop over to CowSwap. Here, you'll find that it aggregates all the DEXes where the COW token is swappable. Join the herd and let's move DeFi forward, one moo at a time!

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