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About Aura BAL (AURABAL) token

What is Aura BAL (AURABAL)?

Welcome to the barnyard of crypto wonders, dear herd! Today, we're grazing on a token named Aura BAL (AURABAL). Here's a quick moo-cap: Aura BAL is a distinctive token that serves as a liquid wrapper for Balancer's veBAL. Wondering what this means? Hold your hooves! Simply put, Aura enables users to deposit their 80/20 BAL/WETH BPT and receive liquid auraBAL instead of non-transferrable veBAL. The protocol then locks up this BPT for an extended period in Balancer Voting Escrow, boosting rewards and voting for gauges. Users receive tokenised auraBAL at a 1:1 rate for veBAL, enhancing the utility and tradability of their assets.

The Aura BAL token doesn't just graze in any old field—it's part of a broader crypto ecosystem. How, you ask? As the BPT is locked up, the Aura system benefits from its voting power, giving a boost to rewards and allowing for informed voting on gauge selection. Moreover, because auraBAL is liquid and tradable, it offers an advantage over the non-transferrable veBAL, meaning users can trade their auraBAL on various platforms.

The Aura protocol takes a holistic approach to ensuring value for its users. While the veBAL tokens are locked up, the system utilizes their voting power for maximising rewards and voting for gauges. Aura BAL provides a win-win situation for users as it enhances both the liquidity and utility of their assets. Moo-reover, the freedom to trade auraBAL instead of veBAL opens up a plethora of opportunities for token holders.

Where can you swap or trade Aura BAL (AURABAL)?

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