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About Across Protocol (ACX) token

What is Across (ACROSS)?

Ever dreamed of a bridge connecting diverse crypto landscapes? That's precisely what Across offers - an optimistic cross-chain bridge secured by UMA’s optimistic oracle. Designed to improve capital efficiency, Across emphasizes a competitive relayer landscape, a single liquidity pool, and a no-slippage fee model, making it stand out in the pasture of crypto. Moo-ve over, traditional bridging methods!

Across Protocol embodies the essence of secure and efficient cross-chain transfers. Its oracle verifies transfers optimistically, allowing for speed in processing transfers. But don't get spooked! The protocol doesn't compromise on security for speed. Unique to Across, its bridge LPs or users are never at risk from protocol or finality errors, ensuring a safe and secure bridging experience for all users. If you're on a quest for quick, secure, and efficient cross-chain transfers, Across Protocol could be your golden ticket.

Being part of the Ethereum ecosystem, Across Protocol adds a much-needed function to the world of decentralized finance. The involvement of UMA's optimistic oracle only emphasizes its focus on offering secure and fast cross-chain transactions to its users.

Where can you swap or trade Across (ACROSS)?

Ready to graze in the world of Across? CoW Swap is your pasture. As the first trading interface built atop the CoW Protocol, CoW Swap provides you a platform to buy, sell, swap, and trade Across (ACROSS) tokens. Its unique feature as a Meta DEX aggregator offers the best price for your trades from various on-chain liquidity sources while ensuring MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) protection. Dive into the world of CoW Swap and discover a new way to optimize your crypto trading experience!

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