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retention rate of all major DEXs


total volume traded


surplus found for users

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CoW Swap is different

Unlike other exchanges, CoW Swap is built around frequent batch auctions, which are designed to find the best liquidity at any point in time and protect you from MEV

By aligning incentives between solvers and users, CoW Swap finds surplus you won't get anywhere else

MEV is a $1.3+ billion problem that you never have to worry about on CoW Swap

CoW Swap's unique architecture enables advanced order types and seamless UX

CoW Swap is the first user interface built on top of CoW Protocol

A powerful, open-source, and permissionless DEX aggregation protocol that anyone can integrate for a variety of DeFi purposes

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S-moooo-th trading

CoW Swap features the smoothest trading experiences in DeFi, allowing you to worry less and do more.

Advanced order types
Market orders (aka swaps)

CoW Swap market orders maximize surplus and minimize MEV

Limit orders

Placing a limit order is like setting a trap for a price for your trade. CoW Swap is the only DEX that offers surplus on limit orders – and one of the only DEXs that offers limit orders at all

TWAP orders

Time-weighted average price (TWAP) orders minimize price impact and volatility risk by letting you trade assets at fixed intervals over a period of time

Better UX, thanks to intents
Gasless trading

All gas fees are paid in the sell token - so you can save your precious ETH

No fees for failed transactions

You shouldn't pay for what didn't work, so failed transactions are always free

Execute multiple trades at once

With intent-based trading, you can place as many orders as you want simultaneously

The DEX of choice for crypto whales and pros

Average trade size (more than 2x Uniswap's)


Market share among smart contract wallets


Monthly user retention rate – the highest in DeFi


Intents-based trading platform

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